Welcome to my site! Hope it benefits you in a way - music, fashion or yoga and nutrition, I would love to hear from you! 


I am honored to be the composer for the music video for this fabulous fashion event as well as I enjoyed playing live and model Gerro, Susan, ELizabeth's Boutique and the super attractive decorative body masks from Dedo. Me breaking the money piece, created by John Dedo Christina, definitely has a meaning and was so much fun! It is in the video, in case you missed it! Ye baby, smashed it to the ground! And the artist loved what I did with it  - showcased with a purposes and meaning Money Don't Mean Crap!

You Can Get Your Copy Of My New Album PIECE of HAPPY Here:

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And here is the footage from Swim'14 collection with me in it!

It was so much fun!

Video credit goes to the wonderful (anonymous) and soon we will be collaborating on my first music video!

Also, HoLidAy DeLiGhT is out-your ultimate relaxation and background soundscape that also makes a great gift for loved ones!


Here is some of my music. Each piece has a story behind it, but not a story as in some drama in my life or bs like this, but the story that

is created in your head while listening, as thoughts become things...

Influencing your mood first, then things around you, it's a change

that comes within you. Seeking is first step of receiving. For example

"It's a Flutar!" is a song that is being created with pure joy and

happiness, sublime being and simple contentment. When you listen to it

evokes those feelings inside out, flourishing waves of happiness and

joy would vibrate stronger the more you listen to the song... Thanks

for reading this...:)If you change the way you look at things, things

you looking at will change, proved fact (quantum physics). Likewise I

am trying to work on your yoga and the way you are looking at it. I

give you space and show you, you have a choice. You slowly repeat what

you see and create space for growing as you let little by little from

your huge ego. If anywhere the use of ego helps rarely would be in

your professional human life and not in your spiritual being.

We are not human beings with spiritual experiences, we are spiritual

beings with human experiences.

The flotation is not invented with a contemplation of sinking.


Practicing gratitude clears the mind. I am grateful for all people,

surroundings and all that is given to me. I am also grateful for the

hardships as they are the ones that train my spiritual muscles and

provoke growing. We are not human beings with spiritual experiences,

we are spiritual beings with human experiences.

This is the kind of essence i picture in fragments of my music:

.........waves of ascending excitement moving up through my chakras in a

passionate memory of what we had, shared........ or

The thoughts are wild and dangerous magnet to our connection... 


The moto of this site "Make Music And Not War<3' came as an inspiration from the following short movie that I was honored to compose the soundtrack for:



Love teaching and passing on the knowledge and inspiring the passion I have in others! This following video is made of the pictures of a masquerade party-performance where my students are dressed as their performance song:) Who says piano is boring - look at how much fun they have! The background music of the video is my first attempt in electronic composition and i know it is not that great but it has sentimental value to me and that makes it exquisite:) Enjoy!




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