Al3xAndrovA, born Rositsa Aleksandrova, is a musician and actress based in Saint Petersburg, Florida.

Born in Bulgaria and spending her childhood in Russia, Al3xAndrovA developed her raw talent from a young age. After moving to Florida she decided to pursue her dreams and follow her passion in life.

Not only is Rositsa a classically trained pianist but she also explores and transcends genres as she also creates incredible electronic dance sounds. She is deeply involved with activism and charity work, and spreads her positive light on everything she touches.

On top of all of this, Al3xAndrovA also tutors music to children and is a successful model on an international level. It is clear in Al3xAndrovA’s work that she will be a huge change maker in the world through her music, acting and her daily life, inspiring her fans to live healthier, toxic free, more active lifestyle.

Enjoys spending time with her dog Cupid, bike rides, teaching and practicing yoga.